Why Solar Energy is Taking California by Storm

Why Solar Energy is Taking California by Storm

California has gone big in recent years, when it comes the use of renewable energy sources. While wind and hydro energy resources are thriving, solar has taken a big leap to the top. According to a report compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 2015 was the highest ever for installation of renewable power capacity, which […]

10 Real Reasons to Go Solar Today!

10 Real Reasons to Go Solar Today!

Solar power is abundant, unlike other resources of energy that are scarce, and hence come at a hefty price. Just look at your monthly energy bill and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The striking increase in energy costs have taken a toll on our finances. In this day and age, where electricity is scarce, […]

How To Get The Most Out of Sun Hours In Winter For Your Solar Power Installation In NY?

Solar Power Installation In NY

I love winters, it’s the perfect time of the year to stay in and enjoy the snowy weather from your bedroom window while sipping on a cup full of hot chocolate or coffee and munching on dried nuts to make the perfect combo. While all this is true, it’s also the time to see if […]

Why to Have Solar Power in MA?

Solar Power Massachusetts

You’ve probably seen solar panels in your neighborhood, on a nearby home, or have seen yard signs in many front lawns saying something like “powered by solar”. Solar panels are gaining popularity in residential homes along with commercial buildings, businesses and industries. It’s becoming a huge industry, which has a lot of potential in the […]

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