Residential Solar Panels

Amergy Solar provides full solar services to residences that enable home owners to save money on electricity and enjoy a clean renewable alternative.

Our services are available in New York, and parts of New Jersey, Massachusetts and California.

If you wish to become a solar energy producer, our team will guide you through the process and explain all our services. All you need to do is make the initial call.

Solar Power Qualification

Once your solar candidacy is confirmed, we begin the process and take complete responsibility of the project and your transition to clean energy.

Step 1 Proposal & Agreement (NY, NJ, CA, MA,)

Amergy Solar creates a proposal of the offer including an average monthly lease payment, the 20 year savings estimate, and a detailed explanation of the solar process. The program coordinator sits down with each homeowner to discuss the proposal and answer any questions.

Step 2 Design of Solar panels

During the proposal discussion, our trained coordinator also presents the original layout of the solar panels to be signed by the homeowner. Once the paperwork is signed, you have completed step one in the process.  Next, we schedule an appointment to survey the attic for final measurements before the final layout is drawn to scale.

Our engineers and design team take all of your placement suggestions into consideration.

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